Pineapple Lab on Housing their Artists-In-Residence with Boutique Serviced Apartments

" MyTown’s boutique serviced apartments allows us to receive artists in the city without having to worry about their accommodation. This in and of itself is already such a relief, but its all-in offering avoids bill-shocks at the end of the month, which is very important for us too.

Each of our Artists-In-Residence loved their time at MyTown; to them, it’s truly a home away from home. The fact that a few of our Artists-In-Residence have shown their movies, live performances and artwork at MyTown, and that we’ve been blessed to have many MyTown tenants visit Pineapple Lab to experience the art we showcase indicates to me that MyTown is a blissfully convenient and wonderfully supporting community to stay at. "

– Andrei, Creative Director


Pineapple Lab


Boutique Serviced Apartments


Housing for Artists-in-Residence


Founded in 2015, Pineapple Lab is a creative hub that showcases work of both local and international artists. It has produced original programming designed to challenge the artists’ processes and engage audiences in meaningful discourse by bringing in dynamic works accessible to the local community.

In 2017, and as part of its commitment to fostering new artists, Pineapple Lab launched its Artists-In-Residence program where, after a rigorous selection process, Filipino artists (living in the Philippines or abroad) at different levels of their development are mentored, supported and provided the time to hone and craft their works in Manila without having to worry about making ends meet.

Why MyTown

Finding housing that is affordable, acceptable and accessible is one of the major headaches for Pineapple Lab’s artists-in-residence, especially when they fly in from abroad. To ensure artists can fully concentrate on making art, Pineapple Lab needed a housing provider that could ensure a seamless move-in and ultra-convenient stay. Moreover, Pineapple Lab was keen to partner up with a housing provider who shared the same goals: creativity, originality and community.

MyTown’s marketing team addressed these concerns in the following ways:

Short term solution

Unlike typical condominium rooms, whose landlords typically accept only a minimum contract of one year, MyTown accepts shorter term contracts for its boutique serviced apartments.

Financially attractive

Compared to available serviced apartments in BGC and Makati CBD, MyTown’s boutique serviced apartments are about a tenth of the cost, and are even lower than the typical bare rental cost of a typical studio condominium in BGC or Makati.


Exactly in the middle of Makati and BGC, the location of MyTown cannot be beat.


The unparalleled amenities of MyTown allow tenants to stay fit, relax, be entertained or interact with other young professionals most hours of the day.

Events and Classes

In addition to the amenities, which are always available to tenants, MyTown organizes almost daily classes and events designed to engage, educate, and empower tenants. Several Artists-In-Residence have even successfully shown off their work at MyTown.

Convenient and all-inclusive

MyTown’s boutique serviced apartments are ready-for-occupancy and inclusive of daily breakfast, utilities, housekeeping, access to all MyTown Club facilities, fast WiFi, and 24/7 dedicated concierge services and security, and are therefore very convenient for busy tenants (or artists with irregular schedules).

Onboarding Process

Pineapple Lab performed a full walk-through of the facilities with its first ever Artist-In-Residence, and MyTown’s quick turnaround on contracting and check-in procedures allowed the tenant to move in the same day.

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