Cyscorpions Inc. on Company Growth Through a Customized Office and Employee Housing Plan

“As company President, I assured my employees that I provide what is best for them. Employees are vital in the stability and profitability of the organization, especially for Cyscorpions as we are rapidly growing in the Philippines.

I decided to provide an office as well as employee accommodation with complete amenities to repay the hardwork of my staff. It’s a great help to balance their lifestyle, save money and maintain the good health of my employees.

MyTown has everything my employees enjoy; a place where they can work, live and play. Besides the convenient office space and rooms MyTown has to accommodate our staff, MyTown has spacious recreation areas where they can chill and relax, a canteen where our employees enjoy free company lunch served by MyTown’s caterer, a movie theater to watch movies, a gym where they can exercise and maintain physically fit, a pool where they could enjoy swimming, and a function room to hold our company events.

All this results in employee productivity and improvement. Now, our company is expanding in Cebu and looking forward that MyTown will establish a branch there!

Finally, we found a business partner that can provide an all-in-one solution… MyTown!”

– Taro Noguchi, President & CEO


Cyscorpions Inc.


Customized Office and Housing Plan


Company Growth


Cyscorpions Inc. is a Philippine-based software development company, who does business guided by the Japanese principle of sanpo yoshi which means “all good” - to the company, its customers, and society. Its mission is to “bring about changes to the world using IT” by making people’s lives more convenient and exciting through the products it creates. Its values are to always act in good faith.

Why MyTown

MyTown has the excellent service Cyscorpions is looking for an office and dormitory provider; a fully fitted out office, high class residential rooms, affordable monthly rental and amenities that suits its employees. The location is accessible, the building has 24/7 security guards, affordable daily meals, accommodating management staffs and a friendly property owner.

In addition, MyTown marketing team provided a customized solution that answered Cyscorpions’ needs and give the following benefits:

Employee Productivity

Aside from having a very accessible office location, meals and housing privileges, Cyscorpions’ employees enjoy access to all amenities, classes, and events that MyTown provides. According to the outcome of its tenant-employee surveys, through these, employees are able to expand their social, fitness, and creative skills.


MyTown provides space and function room rental for training and social events. The canteen can also cater food for daily and corporate gatherings. MyTown’s additional services to corporate clients are endless, extending to shuttle services, tours and travel arrangements, and housekeeping services.

Employee Retention

Based on company records, attrition is 1.42%; a significantly lower rate compared to previous years. According to Cyscorpions’ employees, they stay because Cyscorpions has provided, through MyTown, everything they need, such as daily meals, access to amenities, and living in quality accommodation. Employees enjoy the amenities and attend MyTown events and classes regularly.

Increase in Employee Savings

According to its tenant surveys, 90% of employees have increased their monthly savings due to (i) lack of commuting cost, affordable meals, very cheap utilities, reasonable gym membership, and (ii) complete daily tasks and ability to work overtime because employees live where they work. Through this, employees can start to build their own future.

Onboarding Process

Cyscorpions and MyTown have a business partnership for more than 3 years. MyTown passed the strict Japanese standards on governance, safety, hygiene, and security. Doing business with MyTown is convenient, smooth and prompt. Having dormitory rooms and office at MyTown Lab is a smart decision.

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