Why MyTown?

COVID Best Practices
As a leader in the co-living industry, we have vaccinated all our building staff for your health and safety, and we have worked with health and industry experts around the globe to prepare best practices in fighting COVID-19 in our premises. Please click below to download our handbook.
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Sanitary Stay

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 incident, we have vaccinated all our building staff for your health and safety, and we have taken the extra steps needed to strictly implement safety and sanitary measures across all MyTown buildings to keep our tenants' safe. For more info, please visit www.mytown.ph/covid

Market Leader

We are the first and largest professional rental housing provider in Metro Manila, providing and thought leaders in our market, constantly learning and innovating from our history and experience in the professional accommodation sector.

Core Business

Unlike many players in our sector, rental housing is our core business. As a result, our dormitory buildings are purpose built to suit your needs, our staff is 100% focused on keeping you and your employees satisfied. Finally, our corporate governance and compliance, and the safety and health of your employee is at the heart of our business.

Beyond Accommodation

MyTown provides a unique, aspirational lifestyle focused on comfort, convenient and career development in the daily lives of young professionals in Makati CBD, BGC, and Ortigas CBD.

We are a tight knit community that aims to help provide young professionals with the optimal work/life balance.

Direct Employer Benefits

Employee productivity, motivation, efficiency, and retention now requires more than just a salary. As has happened in other countries, the young professional now expects a healthy lifestyle, in addition to career development and personal growth. MyTown offers companies a worry–free, affordable, and one-stop-shop solution to meet, and exceed those employee expectations.

Elevating Living Standards

Through quality rooms, ample common areas, unparalleled amenities, and professional development events, we take care of your employees and make sure that they arrive at work refreshed and motivated.

Tailor-Made Solutions

MyTown has years of experience in the successfully tailoring corporate housing solutions to meet the specific needs of dozens of companies from different backgrounds. Whatever your requirements are, MyTown thinks along with you to provide you with the best solution for your needs. From transportation to training centers, serviced apartments to corporate social responsibility programs, and office leasing to travel arrangements, MyTown is a partner who thinks along with you to find the best package to make your housing needs work.

Constant Research

As true thought leaders in our industry, we understand that housing needs evolve and our product can constantly be improved upon. Through surveys, data analysis, and personally conducting the most exhaustive and oldest dormitory research in the country, we are always working on being the best in the market. We take your housing and employee lifestyle needs very seriously!

Strategically Located Buildings

All our properties are strategically located and accessible to Makati CBD, BGC, and Ortigas CBD in minutes.

Extra Peace of Mind

MyTown is the first and only developer and co-living company to provide all its renters with free renters' insurance. This gives you and your employees peace of mind in case of any unexpected events. This is the first of its kind in the Philippines, to show that we put your your employees at the center of our care when they're home, away from work.


Our buildings are purpose-built and safe for young professionals mainly in BGC, Makati and Ortigas, and are based on the results of surveys from over 1,200 young professionals and dozens of sit-down interviews with young professionals covering design, amenities, retail options, and contract terms. The results were used to design our buildings, rooms, and amenities, and determine pricing and contract terms.

In short, MyTown’s buildings are 100% demand-driven and built on the needs and desires of our target market! Our top of mind when building a property is the safety and convenience of the tenants staying in them. Moreover, unlike many buildings in our market, all buildings are 100% building code and fire code compliant. MyTown offers companies you a worry-free accommodation solution to housing your key employees.

MyTown Club

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Case Studies

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