Flight Centre Travel Group on Achieving High Employee Retention

" From the initial interaction after we first approached MyTown until today, MyTown has shown to be more than just our staff housing supplier. They really show they care about our employees, go the extra mile to make sure they are comfortable, and the communication with our office has been a very positive experience. We have doubled our MyTown rooms since we started in early 2017.

Our employees love living in MyTown. I’ve personally enjoyed the professional hands-on attitude, highly transparent process, and clear communications so much, that we invited the MyTown team to join our annual ball in 2017 to give them a special thanks from the entire company.

Based on my experience, I can honestly say that MyTown makes staff housing easy, and is our best solution to achieve high employee retention. "

– Cathy, Human Resource Head


Flight Centre Travel Group


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Achieving High Employee Retention


In November 2016, the country head of Flight Centre Travel Group Philippines (“Flight Centre”) contacted MyTown to ask for a presentation after seeing an advertisement on the back of a bus in Bonifacio Global City.

Why MyTown

Although Flight Centre is one of the world’s largest travel agency groups, its Philippine office was fairly recently set up as of 2016, and its managers were looking for ways to attract talent and, once trained and performing, retain them. Flight Centre wanted to avoid staff attrition, which is an industry-wide concern, meaning staff leaving a company after it has spent time and money on acquiring, training and allocating its employees.

MyTown’s marketing team explained to Flight Centre that MyTown’s employee accommodation address these concerns in the following ways:

Higher employee satisfaction

MyTown tenant surveys have shown that there is a significant increase in overall satisfaction and perceived quality of life for employees after moving into a MyTown building. If sponsored by the employer, such convenient accommodation translates into higher job satisfaction and employee productivity.

Higher employee productivity

Having staff live close to their work place reduces employee tardiness and absences. Manila is notorious for its traffic and its underdeveloped public transportation system, and seasonal typhoon and monsoon floods result in regular office closures. Corporate tenants at MyTown have fewer downtime since their employees live at walking distance from their work.

Fewer commute-linked departures

Employees have to commute for extended hours daily in unreliable public transportation, and one main reason for switching jobs is to reduce a professional’s commuting time. Providing hassle-free, ready-for-occupancy accommodation near the office for its staff has shown to reduce the urge for employees to look for a job closer to their home.

Higher barrier to depart

MyTown research shows that employees are less likely to leave their employer if, in addition to finding a new employer, this means that they would also have to spend time and money into finding a new place to live.

Onboarding Process

Convinced about these tangible benefits, Flight Centre went through a thorough due diligence process which included MyTown’s compliance with building code, safety and security, living quarters, corporate governance, and tenant activities. The following were its findings:

Safe & Sound. Flight Centre’s legal and compliance department performed a full building code and security assessment, which MyTown passed without an issue. MyTown complies to, and exceeds where it can, local building and fire code requirements.

Fit & Fun. Flight Centre’s local and regional HR managers assessed the living quarters, common areas, MyTown tenant officers, and MyTown activity calendar. MyTown provides tenants with a full living experience that surpasses accommodation alone, by providing amenities never before seen in the staff housing market, regular classes in sports, culture, and education, as well as frequent tenant-exclusive gatherings and parties.

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