EastWest Troo Life on Worry-Free Temporary Training Accommodation

“In 2016, there was no middle solution for us; there was only a hotel or a low-end dorm. We wanted both the convenience, security and quality of a hotel, but also the guaranteed beds and value-for-money of a dorm. We wanted to provide Troopers quality service while at the same be sure we did not go over budget. This is exactly what MyTown is.

The concept of co-living was new to us, but MyTown helped us show our training staff, many of whom are at the start of their career at Troo, that we care about their work-life balance. Aside from the attractive interiors, MyTown provides amenities and events for leisure, personal development, and after-training studying.

From our department’s end, MyTown has taken away a lot of stress by being an accommodating and all-round staff housing provider. It’s not easy to find a partner who’s flexible enough to deal with large-scale training operations, but with MyTown, we have a trustworthy, professional and flexible partner that exceeds our needs to run a smooth training center.

From our trainees’ perspective, expectations are high too – most of them are new to the city, go through long days of training, and need to pass their exams successfully. MyTown understands this and provides our trainees both with the facilities for uninterrupted study and sleep, as well as the amenities and events to enjoy a well-deserved break. Without fail, our trainees are as amazed as our team has been since 2016.”

– John Paul de Castro, Facilities and Administration Manager

EastWest Too Life
Staff Housing for up
to 30 Trainees
Temporary Training

In April 2019, Troo celebrated the 30th month of the
partnership with MyTown, the staff housing provider for
trainees undergoing Troo’s training program.

Why MyTown

Troo is the life insurance company created by the joint venture of EastWest Bank, one of the Top 10 universal banks in the country with a network of 400 stores nationwide, and Ageas International Insurance, an international insurance conglomerate with presence in 14 countries across Europe and Asia.

To ensure all new hires of Troo know and understand the company, extensive training is conducted at Troo’s Manila head office. In the past, this meant that the company had to book mid-range hotel rooms as temporary housing for its trainees.
But since each trainee spends weeks in the metro, this type of accommodation was not cost efficient and booking was a constant challenge during high season. MyTown, the pioneer in co-living for urban professionals in Metro Manila, stepped in by providing tailor-fit services to solve these concerns:

Onboarding Process

MyTown helped Troo conduct a series of thorough ocular visits to assess compliance with building codes, as well as standards of safety and security, living quarters, and corporate governance. In addition to this, MyTown also provided Troo with its accreditation requirements, assisted the client by evaluating the number of rooms needed for the projected training program runs, and finalized the contract.



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