Frequently Asked Questions

Is your rate per room or per person?
How much is the cap of each tenant for water and electricity?
What is the age limit for tenants?
Are pets allowed?
Every when is the due date?
Can we occupy 1 unit even if we are only 3?
Do you accept co-ed sharing?
Can I transfer between buildings or units?
Can I wash clothes inside the unit?
Can I bring my own cabinet?
Can I pay cash?
How to reserve the slot?
Do you provide drinking water?
If we are 5 people, can we occupy 4-bed sharing unit?
What is the minimum lease term?
What are the payment terms?
Is pre-termination allowed?
Can I move in early?
What documents do I need to bring to the property when I move in?
Haven't paid yet, can I still move in?
Are utilities included in the base rate?
Is WI-FI available?
Can I access the MyTown Club Amenities area?
Is there guest parking?
What features are included in the room?
Can I cook in the room?
Can I invite guests?
Am I allowed to bring appliances?
How are roommates determined?
Can I smoke in the facility? Do you provide a smoking area?
Who is responsible for cleaning of the units?
Who is responsible for cleaning the common areas?
Can I sublease my bed/room?
Is there additional storage space in the building?
Is there a tenant curfew?
Does MyTown provide corporate lease contract?
How can I check my bill?



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